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Monday, April 17, 2006


Some 'lucky devil' stumbled onto my blog, so of course, I had to check his out. I'm glad I did, as he gave me a good chuckle with this post :

"60 and counting" at Treading Water having a one-sided conversation with Bill Gates:
How would you like to make some real money. Not just the chickenfeed millions you have now, but all the rest that you could have.

All you have to do is come up with a simple operating system that FUCKEN WORKS.

For the last 12 years I have been building, repairing and generally having fun with computers on the mechanical side. When it comes to programs, starting with Windows it all starts to slide down hill.

What the hell does XP stand for??? Xuberant Penny, Xaltant Patricia or some other female name. All I know is that just like my girlfriend, once a month it is going to shit itself, get the screaming meemies and fall apart.
I agree whole-heartedly. Bill should make one "pretty" and easy to use OS for computer illiterates, and make another basic yet totally functional workhorse OS for servers and more savvy users.

Anyway, go read the rest of his blog. He's just started it up, but he has some good observations.


Peggasus said...

But there already is an OS out there like that.


(Also, my word verification, 'wcjwcfzt?' I have some relatives whose names are eerily similar to that. Yeah, we're Polish.)

Al Gore said...

Agreed. Go with the MAC. You're probably not getting laid that often anyway.

curmudgeon said...

Yes! That way I could spend the same amount of time installing the OS and associated drivers.