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Monday, February 11, 2008

I Used To Love 'Blondie'

But by never seeing them live, I never got to see Debbi Harry. Bummer.

Update: Woops. So I cant splel werth a chitt. Soory.



Jean said...


rough weekend, eh? hehehe.

fillardmillmore said...

'scuse me, but when I enlarge that pic , it looks like Deb is sans pants and knickers. Or it is my licentious imagination?

Doctor Wu said...

Further research reveals (no pun intended) Deb has a history of no clothes. I musta been stoned and missed it.

curmudgeon said...


Oh no. You're totally correct.

doctor wu,
Me too.

Anonymous said...

Jean -- he had a very loooooong weekend.

Just trust me on this one.


curmudgeon said...


The British Bird. said...

I had to call Rev in to see, yep no drawers..
shaved too, in the eihties that was rare.

curmudgeon said...

Maybe she was just naturally bald?