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Friday, July 11, 2008

And We Care... Why Exactly?

Backlog of DNA samples may hamper JonBenet case
Thu Jul 10, 5:32 PM ET

DENVER - Unless he has another brush with the law someday and a DNA sample is taken from him, JonBenet Ramsey's killer might never be caught.
Good gawd. Who gives a flying fuck? This is an old case where a girl got killed. No one even cares any more. When her parents were let off the hook, I'm guessing most people thought "Big fucking deal."

It was probably the perv they busted in China or Taiwan or whereverthe fuck it was.

There are plenty of other newsworthy items nowdays for news idiots to obsess on, such as Britney Spears' divorce, rehab, etc., and her sister plopping out a kid and fucking iPhones going on sale. Give it a rest already.

However, through the miracle of age progression technology, we can get an idea of what she would eventually end up looking like had she lived a few more years:



The British Bird. said...

hahah! I dont feel bad about posting the fat elvis pic now..

Poor little sod needs to be left to rest in peace. we should fry all child molestors, period.

curmudgeon said...

That would be fine by me!