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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Yeah, That'll Work

Good gawd. Washington D.C. just don't get it:
District Gun Registration Starts Tomorrow

D.C. police will start the gun registration process at 7 a.m. tomorrow, when it opens an office at police headquarters at 300 Indiana Ave. NW.

It is the start of the 180-day amnesty period in which residents may register handguns they have had illegally, or guns from other states.

An officer from the gun unit will meet the applicant at the door and take temporary possession of the gun to ensure safety at headquarters.

Officers will tag the gun and run ballistics tests before returning it to the owner. Paperwork indicating that registration is in process will be provided.

About 14 days later, after an FBI background check, the gun will be officially registered.
I'm sure everyone who has used a gun to commit a crime will (A) Bring their gun in to get confiscated registered, and (B) Submit themselves to a background check.

What a bunch of fucking maroons. They just keep making it harder for the good guys to possess them.



Anonymous said...

Part of the new DC law mandates that the gun can't contain more than 8 rounds, or be capable of doing so. Further, you have to sign a notarized statement to the effect that you own the gun solely for the purpose of self defense. It's all part of the plan to make it so hard to get through the paperwork that people won't bother.

curmudgeon said...

Hell no they won't Good guys won't bother, and criminals sure as hell won't.