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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Whatta Maroon

So I go to the grocery store Sunday to pick up a few things for Sunday dinner.

I get the things bought and unload them from the cart into the back of the truck. My usual M.O. is to put the sacks in the bed of the truck. Easy to load, easy to unload.
Well, the groceries are all in the truck and I hit the button on the remote to unlock the door. Pull on the door handle and it's still locked. Hit the button again, nothing. Shit. I'm of course wondering what the hell is going on, whereupon I notice that something seems to look a little different... something on the inside of the truck, the interior, something doesn't look quite right. Then I notice that right next to the truck is another truck that looks just like this one. I try the remote again and behold! The other unlocks!

So I ever so meekly, unload the groceries from the back of whoever's truck I loaded them in, and transfer them to the truck right next to it and go on my merry way.

Good gawd. I'll bet no one has ever done that before.



Jean said...

You called yourself a 'maroon'...hehehe.

curmudgeon said...

Big Bugs Bunny fan here...

Miss Sassy said...

I have to leave the obnoxious pink website sticker in the back window of my tan 4 door sedan just to avoid this - not such a great Designated Driver when you try to pile everyone into the wrong car ;)

curmudgeon said...