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Friday, July 11, 2008

What The Hell

For the troops:
To support the troops, HBO and its corporate partners are donating products that our troops most frequently request. Visit www.genkilltroopdrive.com and added one product to our shipment — free of charge. Click here and you can select an item to add to HBO's care packages — at no cost to you. Simply log on and click to contribute.

"Generation Kill," a seven-part original miniseries, premieres Sunday, July 13 at 9pm, only on HBO.
I signed on and sent something. Hopefully, they won't be sending a bunch of spam now.

We'll see how it works, eh Sherri?



Deb said...

That's very cool. I did it as well.

curmudgeon said...

Why not? If it does work, then no skin off anyone's ass, and they'll appreciate it!

SK said...

I figured free was a good thing considering my normal shopping budget for packages :) Thanks for helping!

Anonymous said...

I made up a box at Christmas and sent it care of the First Sergeant of my old company in 8th Comm. Bn. I put pipe cleaners, q-tips, chewing tobacco, snuff, and cigars, wd40, cleaning patches, tooth brushes, tooth powder, socks, jerky and hard candy in it. I don't know if Marines still use that stuff, a lot has changed since I got out, but I figured he could find a few people who wanted the stuff.

curmudgeon said...

Seemed like a good idea.

I'm sure someone will find a use for it all. Sounds like a good box full to me.

SK said...

Hermit, I send boxes every week and yes, they do still use all that stuff!! Whatever one guy doesn't want, somebody else will.