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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I Got Your Parole Hangin'

U.S. judges seek massive California prisoner release
Tue Feb 10, 7:18 AM ETSent 477 times

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Federal judges on Monday tentatively ordered California to release tens of thousands of inmates, up to a third of all prisoners, in the next three years to stop dangerous overcrowding.
See, that's why there are so many crooks. They know they probably won't even go to an overcrowded jail. And if they do, they;ll just get let out.

Fucking shit.



Anonymous said...

The system has been broken for a long time. Now it looks like it's really collapsing. When they let these guys out, will they protect the people who are then going to be their marks and victims. Guess not.

curmudgeon said...

Of course not.

Anonymous said...

This is why Democrats aren't afraid of the IRS -- no jail time.

Jim H. said...

Darn it!! that means Richardson will be coming back to New Mexico,,,,Oh Wait....

Anonymous said...

Hey, Good News. I hear the thousands of released prisoners are being deported from California. To Nevada.

curmudgeon said...

No doubt.

Better than Harry Reid.

I want the mob back.