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Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Mind Is A Beautiful Thing

People have their crushes. Most are infatuated with their co-worker or boss, a super model, or maybe a movie star. Me, I'm in love with Ann Coulter. Not because of her looks, because of her mind.:
The Cal Ripken president

Are we going to have to hear about this for the next four years? Obama is becoming the Cal Ripken Jr. of presidents, making history every time he suits up for a game. Recently, Obama also became the first African-American president to order a ham sandwich late at night from the White House kitchen! That's going to get old pretty quick.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Blah blah blah. First black wife to fucked in the White House, first African-American president to fart in the Oval Office, whatever. It is indeed getting old.

Then Ms Coulter goes on to talk about stimulus bill vs education. You should really go read the whole thing. Quite humorous. But here's the best part:
By the 12th grade – after receiving the full benefits of an American education – Americans are near the bottom. Let X represent the number of years spent in U.S. public schools, and Y represent average test scores in math and reading – oh, never mind.

With an additional eight years of a public school education under their belts, Americans fall from the 92nd percentile in science to the 29th percentile. While American fourth-graders are bested only by South Korea and Japan in science, by 12th grade, the only countries the American students can beat are Lithuania, Cyprus and South Africa.

Which suggests that if public education were extended all the way through college, by the time a student gets to graduate school he might very well be qualified to be ... speaker of the House!
Yup. Or Secretary of State. Or President of the United States!


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