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Thursday, March 12, 2009

I'll Believe It When I See A Cork In The Hole

Via Slate:
Good Riddance, Yucca Mountain

Obama pulls the plug on the nuclear industry's last best hope.
That project has been under construction for twenty+ years. Does anyone actually believe it is going to just get abandoned?

I sure as hell don't.



Jason's Pickled Ass said...

So we can't have oil, natural gas, coal, or nuclear energy. That would leave what? Corn, wind, and solar. And you bet your ass we'll be paying a carbon tax on ethanol soon. That would leave wind and solar which we can't possibly build enough of to power the entire country. Plus turbines and solar panels wear out over time and have to be replaced.

Is this what they call "energy independence"? Not having any?

curmudgeon said...

What? We can't import wind power?

Welcome to 1875.