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Monday, April 20, 2009

Back In The Saddle Again

Yes, I'm finally back in town. WOOHOO!!!! you say.

Well, bro is doing somewhat fine. He had a bit of a setback yesterday but nothing serious. I've pretty much burned any vacation time I had so I had to go back to work. He should get out of the hospital around Friday if all goes well.

So what's new, other than the stupid fuck we have for president getting all cuddly and cozy with Hugo Chavez? You know Hugo. He 's the anti-American, communist, suppressive dictator from Venuzuela:
Chavez book pick rockets up bestseller lists AFP - Sun Apr 19, 2:45 PM ET Sent 102 times

PORT OF SPAIN (AFP) - A book accusing the United States of being a neo-colonial bully in the Americas has rocketed up the sales charts, after a copy was given as a gift by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to US leader Barack Obama.

Oh, and it's April 20th today. As in 4-20. As in national stoner day.
All you tree-hugging, granola-munching, dope-smoking, libtard morons go ahead and continue doing what you do best and fire up a bowl, and us normal people will go ahead and continue doing what we do best. Laugh you idiots while trying to keep the world from falling apart at the seams and turning socialist.


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