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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Are You Ready For Some Football!?

So this deal with E.S.P.N. What gives?
Newsflash: ESPN has bought the rights for Monday Night Football away from ABC. This much we know. But it makes me wonder what they have up their sleeve.

As you probably already know, ESPN was trying to get themselves as a subscription channel on cable and/or satellite, much like HBO or Cinemax or whatever, because they figgered they weren't making enough money being a regular old added package to extended cable service.

Well it turns out, they must be doing ok to spend $100 billion dollars for MNF. But nevertheless, this makes me wonder if as the time approaches for them to be showing MNF, are they going to turn theselves into a subsscription channel? They've got the lock on the games, they could very well start charging the cable companies extra, which would of course, be passed on to the subscriber.

There are many subscribers who would no way go without the games.
Seems a cinch to me.

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