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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The Good Ole' Boys

Via Yahoo:
FBI Rounds Up 14 Reputed Mob Members:

"CHICAGO - Federal agents in Illinois, Arizona and Florida rounded up 14 alleged mob figures in what prosecutors describe as one of the most far reaching racketeering indictments in the history of organized crime in Chicago"
The Good Ole' Boy network of former Las Vegas.

I say 'former' because it is a different city without the mob running the casinos.
Yes, they had a major influence over operations, personnel, counts, you name it. Tony Spilatro and his ilk were scattered throughout several of the major casinos and were well versed at skimming (taking their cut from the money counts before the money was accounted for by casino operations or the Gaming Control Board), and breaking knuckles, legs and skulls of anyone who interfered with their operation.

Our current mayor, Oscar Goodman, was a defense attorney for many of the supposed mob figures back in the day. He referred to them as 'Good clients' who kept him quite busy.
I'm sure they did.

If you get the chance, watch the movie "Casino". It is supposed to be an interpretaion of those days. Joe Pesci plays the part of who would have been Tony Spilatro and Sharon Stone plays his plaything. I forget the rest of the cast, but it is a good movie.

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