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Friday, April 29, 2005

Happy Belated, Sadaam

I'm so sorry I missed your birthday party yesterday Sadaam. It just zipped right past me.
I've been so busy lately, what with my steady job, my rennovations, and my life. You know, the daily things we take for granted that the people of your country are finally starting to enjoy now that you aren't around to torment, torture, maim, kill and rape them.

But nonetheless, I hope you had a nice birthday. Similar to what the people of your rule would have had.
I hope you had many wonderful gifts bestowed upon you such as a big hard dick shoved up your ass or down your throat. Or maybe a suitable substitute such as the muzzle of a gun.

Perhaps you got your hand chopped off? Arm? Both arms?

Maybe you were able to think back - reminisce a little - on the deaths of your sons. Was there any pain or rememberance of their loss? How you miss them?

I'm sure there are still many people in that great nation of yours who have such an opportunity.

Anyway Sadaam, happy belated birthday and all the best. You fuck.

Allah be praised.

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