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Friday, December 16, 2005

I Guess I Just Can't Let It Go

Damn you people! You keep referring to it and it gets me to thinking all over again!

I already mentioned that stupid idea of a movie the moron hollywoods are putting out. (Putting out. Bwah!)

Now I've learned through the grapevine they had quite a bit of trouble coming up with the title of the movie. So I compiled a list of a few of the titles censors rejected before finally deciding on 'Brokeback Mountain'.

Of course, I already mentioned:
Buttfuck Mountain

Now here are some more:
Brokebutt Mountain
Brokebackdoor Mountain
Fudgepack Mountain
Hairyback Mounter
Bareback Mounter

I have also read some bits and pieces of the story here and there. So now I present to you a few of the lines from 'special' scenes from the movie:

After the fire has been out for some time:
"Damn! You thank ya coulda done took yer spurs off first?"

It's been a few minutes in the sleeping bag now:
"If the fire in them sticks was anywhere near so hot as the fire in my loins why, we'd be havin' a nice hot cuppa coffee right now."

They get fairly settled in:
"So who's gonna be the ramrod of this har outfit?"
"Damn right it's me, bitch!"

Later on in the movie, it's been a long day, and they're both a little testy:
"Bend over and take it like a man thar hoss!"

Well, I don't want to spoil it for you, so I'll quit for now.


Skeetz said...

How about this line, in the true form of classic westerns, "You just bring that big, fancy shinny shotgun over here Pilgrim!"

curmudgeon said...

That works too!