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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Money Shot

From Yahoo:
Kristina Roberts, 37, claims she was alone at JEG Advertising with her new boss on Sept. 9 when he approached her while holding his penis.

"Plaintiff was sitting at her desk doing the work she was given earlier that day when Mr. Garcia came up behind her," her civil suit says. "He asked Ms. Roberts to turn around, and when she did, defendant proceeded to ejaculate onto her and her clothing. Mr. Garcia apologized and stated that he did not mean to do that."
Boss man is a perv, eh? He did a Clinton on her.
Well, that's what she claims anyway.

What about this part:
Roberts has yet to seek a new job. She claims in her suit to continue to suffer from mental anguish and humiliation from Garcia's "extreme and outrageous conduct."
Yeah, sure. She don't want to work so she files a false claim hoping to get a retirement out of the guy.

Check her history. She has probably been on crack welfare most of her life.

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