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Thursday, December 22, 2005

This Day in History

From HistoryChannel.com
1973 Americans Must Drive 55
Next to some of the horseshit gun control laws, this was the stupidest.

1884 John Chisum dies in Arkansas

A central player in the violent Lincoln County War of 1878-81, the cattleman John Chisum dies at Eureka Springs, Arkansas.
A big name back in the days of the wild west.

But here's something I didn't know:
Billy the Kid became one of the ranchers' most loyal and fierce allies, playing a role in the murder of many of the supporters of the House. When the House eventually emerged from the war victorious, Bonney turned to Chisum for help, demanding $500 in wages for his murderous work. When Chisum refused, Billy turned against the rancher and took payment by stealing Chisum's cattle and horses. Suddenly abandoned by Chisum and the other powerful interests that protected him from the reach of the law, Billy the Kid's days were numbered. His one-time friend, Pat Garrett, murdered him in 1881.
I didn't know Billy the Kid had any sort of alliance with cattle ranchers back then. I guess I always thought he stuck to robberies.

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