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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Someone Enlighten Me

From Roto-Reuters:
EU threatens Microsoft with daily fines

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Commission threatened U.S. software giant Microsoft with daily fines on Thursday for failing to comply with antitrust sanctions a year after a top European Union court ruled it must obey.
Now I don't hold any allegiance to MS, nor do I care how they run their business.
But what jurisdiction does that load of pompous, arrogant fucks have over an American business?

Here is Microsoft's response:
Microsoft to contest "unjustified" EU move

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Microsoft said on Thursday it would contest what it called an unjustified European Commission decision to impose backdated daily fines if it fails to comply with European Union antitrust sanctions.

The U.S. software giant said it had obeyed the Commission's landmark March 2004 decision ordering it to change its business practices but the EU executive kept making new demands and the latest one went beyond the European regulator's powers.
In short, "Fuck you, E.U."
You Euros don't like what MS is selling, don't buy it. Sort of like what we do here.

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