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Monday, March 06, 2006

Any Bowlers Out There?

Try this.
My first score: 110. Impressive huh?


Peggasus said...

I did horribly. Not unlike Friday night. That, and there are probably lots of chip and cookie crumbs in my keyboard.

Jean said...

I can't believe I even did this...
I love cats!! p.s. my score was 61

curmudgeon said...

Any excuse, eh? :)

This is one of the best uses for cats I've seen yet.

Jean said...

ok dave......now I am crying.

shoes said...

my last night at my league i bowled a 221

curmudgeon said...

Hey shoes, not bad.
Shit. I haven't been to a real bowling alley in ages. Wonder how I would do?
Probably about the same as the cat thing.