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Friday, March 10, 2006

It's A Quandry

Can I keep nude photos of my wife’s friend?:

Q. My wife had some nude pictures of me in our computer. Her best friend Natalie saw them while she was over here working at our desk. One day, I answered the phone and it was Natalie. She said she knew exactly what I “looked” like, as she had e-mailed the nude pictures to herself. Then, she sent me some nude pictures of her.

Now, Natalie goes out of her way to wear something I will get a show from, like a skirt with no underwear. What should I do?

A. ... As far as the nude pictures of Natalie are concerned, ... Delete them.
Or not. Then shut the fuck up.

Good gawd. Is this idiot really not smart enough to figger this one out by himself?
He should do himself a favor and go take a nap on the tracks.

But hey Mr. Natalie's Neighbor, I would really like to help you out here. If you really want to clear your conscience, feel free to email them to me*. I will hold on to them them for safe-keeping. You will then be able to safely delete them from your computer and go straight to heaven.
Can't help you with the part about her letting you take a glance at her snatch or titties though. You're just going to have to run to the closet and shut the door when she comes over to get away from that one.

*Unless they're something my eyes should not be subjected to. In which case I will also delete them.


As always... Rachael said...

Either advice column letters are fake... or the world is brimming with idiots.

Don't bother responding... I already know what you think!!!!

curmudgeon said...