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Wednesday, March 29, 2006


I'm an idiot. It's official.

Usually, when I see a stray dog wandering the neighborhood, I ignore it. Make sure Mrs. Curmudgeon don't see it, and if our dogs are out front, I shuffle them out of sight so the critter won't come over and say "Hi."

So Sunday, I'm doing my usual putter around the workshop working on projects, with our two dogs (white german shepherd named Heidi, and shepherd/akita mix nameb Buddy) keeping me company.
A stray I didn't see in time wanders up. He's a rather young german shepherd / rottweiler mix, and is all excited about meeting my dogs. He's full of piss and vinegar and wanting to play, but also very friendly when I approach him.

I try to get my dogs to go in the house, try to make him leave, but he'll have no part of that. It's too late. He now has no desire whatsoever to leave. I put a leash on him so I can somewhat maintain the bundle of energy, and also keep him away from bitchy-girl Heidi, who is not so friendly toward strangers.

Now it's time for my big mistake. I say to Mrs. Curmudgeon "Come here." She's a softy when it comes to strays and will ALWAYS take them in and try to find their owners, or find them a home.

We decide to take a walk around the neighborhood looking for 'Lost Dog' signs, open gates, broken chains, etc. No luck. So we put up a sign, and keep a vigil for people who may drive by looking for a lost pet.

Later on in the afternoon and I suggest rather strongly that we call animal control to come and pick him up as it is now getting rather late in the day. Of course, Mrs. Curmudgeon will have nothing to do with that. I tell her that the owner is probably worried, looking for their lost pet, and the first place I would call if my pet got lost would be animal control to see if they had found it. "Nope. No way. We'll find his owner, or find another home. Put an ad in the paper, something."

We keep it overnight, and when Monday comes, we take it to Petsmart to see if it has an ID chip. It does! We're in luck! We can find out who the owner is and they can take the critter back! No problem. They'll be so happy to get him back. After all he is a good dog. Well mannered for his age, fully potty trained, healthy and clean.
We call the 800 number for the ID chip and they tell us it usually takes a day or two to trace the information. So we also call the animal shelter to see if they have the number on file. Tuesday, we get a call from the animal shelter, and they do have a record for the ID! Yay!!! More luck! We'll have the dog home tonight!

I call the owner (fucking towelhead) and he says this is the third time the dog has busted loose and he doesn't want it back. Have animal control pick it up. And would I like to buy a Slurpee. (I added that part).
Mrs. Curmudgeon ain't going to let that happen, she's afraid no one will take it and they'll just put it to sleep. So I guess we're on the hunt for a good home for a good dog, which - when he is laying on his side, has dark and light patterns just like an orca.

Want one?


Peggasus said...

Congratulations on your new dog! What are you going to name him?

curmudgeon said...

Mrs. Curmudgeon keeps going back and forth between 'Shamu' and 'LittleGuy'.
I woud prefer someone else named him.

As always... Rachael said...

I can't believe the owner was such an ass! But you know, that's how I found my awesome dog. He was a stray I picked up at the pound. I couldn't imagine any owner not traveling to the ends of the earth to find this lost pet... but they didn't.

My dog is a digger... previous owners probably got sick of tracking him down. He doesn't dig holes in the yard, but he'll dig a hole under the fence lickity split.

I don't even look for him anymore... hte neighbors all know him by now and when they tell him to go home, he does.

Convince the missus to take him to the shelter. I'm sure there's a great family out there just waiting to love him, despite his need to explore.

As always... Rachael said...

And by the way, can we lose the word verification???

curmudgeon said...

I wish I could lose the verification. I hate it as much as everyone. But as soon as I shut it off, I start getting spambot comments again.

Al Gore said...

You should post a pic of him / her.

If it's a good picture I'll use in during my 2008 campaign.



curmudgeon said...

Well, we may have found a home for him already. It's on a trial basis, but the recipient was quite excited to get him.