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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I Should Hope So

Nevada Trooper Charged With Manslaughter

Mon Mar 20, 11:04 PM ET

LAS VEGAS - A state trooper was charged Monday with nine felony counts of reckless driving and involuntary manslaughter in a crash that killed four people.

Trooper Joshua Corcran was driving 113 mph on Interstate 15 when his cruiser slammed into a car on Feb. 19 as he rushed home for dinner, police said. The posted speed limit was 65 mph.

Corcran's lawyer, Steve Wolfson, said his client would appear in court Tuesday to answer the charges.

'His career is at stake. His livelihood is at stake,' Wolfson said. 'Of course he is disappointed.'
Disappointed? Disa-fucking-pointed?
He's disappointed. What about the family a friends of the four dead people? One survivor is a pregnant mother. Her baby's daddy is dead. I think she may be a little disappointed too.

He had to rush home so he could have dinner and finish an on-line history test. And because of him thinking he could get away with it, four people are dead.

The highway patrol did a good thing by having an independant investigation by an entity other than themselves.

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