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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Only In America

I've ranted on this illegal immigration bullshit before, as have most other bloggers. I'm not going to bother looking up links though, except for this one, because it's easy to find.

Again I say, I don't blame someone from another country wanting to come to America to find a better life for themselves and their family. It's a fact that people can sneak across the border and make more money than what they can in Mexico. They're perfectly willing to come here and do a job that a lot of people here would rather not do.

What I have a problem with is that once they come to the land of opportunity, they receive - nay, expect these opportunities and yet don't have to put back into the system providing them.
A lot of the money they earn gets sent back to Mexico to either support families there, or put away so they can go back there and live, so it doesn't go back into the economy here.
Much of the money they earn isn't taxed, so we make up the difference.
They obviously can't get insurance so if/when they go to the hospital, again, we make up the difference.
They don't pay property tax and their children go to school, we make up the difference. Gee, do you think that if we reduced the number of illegal immigrant students there may be more schools, teachers and classrooms to go around? Maybe we could have fewer requirements for bi-lingual teachers. Maybe there could be more teachers for subjects other than "English as a Second Language".

And where the fuck do they come off with this protest bullshit? What other country in the world would let you sneak in, take advantage of the system and it's benefits, stomp around in protest waving a flag from your home country, bitch about not being treated fairly - without deporting you or throwing you in jail, if not shooting you?
Sorry, can't think of another country myself.

Let's not forget about the security issues of this scenario. Some Allah wailing crazy fuck could join in the exodus any time and we wouldn't know about it until we're all laying in the hospital with our hair and skin falling off.

I say build the gawddamn wall. The higher, the better. Post guars. Shoot on sight.
We need to get this shit under control.

The sad part is, that I'm sure ACLU has stacks of briefcases just raring to go, wringing their hands and snickering to themselves waiting to jump all in Bush's shit when he gets back from visiting with Fox in Cancun.

Update: Okay you fuckheads. Now you've really pissed me off:

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You don't like America? Fucking leave.


As always... Rachael said...

I was with you all the way to the end... what the hell is your problem with the ACLU? Civil Liberties - yuk?

However, I do agree with you on building a goddamn wall. America is still open for immigrant, but they need to use the system already in place and play by the fucking rules! Getting a visa so you can work, go to school, or fall in love ain't exactly tough, and anyone who wants to live here should show us some respect by going through the proper channels and give back to the system that's saving their ass.

I have bricks, do you have any mortar? (Or we could pay the illegals under the table and have them build the fucking wall!)

curmudgeon said...

I was going to reply as a comment. But I think it's more important that my thoughts be more readily available.
Post coming up....

And I had the same thoughts about paying the illegals under the table. Trouble is, I'm afraid they would build secret passageways. :)

Pammy said...

A-MEN, baby. Amen.

As always... Rachael said...

Fuck whomever hung the flag that way!

60 and counting said...

Australia is having similar problems, not as bad, but bad enough. We allowed "refugees" into the country while their bona-fides were checked as refugees. Those who didn't add up were locked up in detention. But for some weird reason they were given the right to appeal any decision Immigration made about them. Years later they are still hearing appeals for them. We are still caring for them better that our own. Don't make sense to me.

curmudgeon said...

I guess illegals are going to take advantage of any country willing to help.