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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Score One For The Pope

Pope attacks gay marriage, some politicians upset:

He told the group that marriage was between a man and a woman 'who are open to the transmission of life and thus cooperate with God in the generation of new human beings.'
I'll second that.
I'm sure I'll get all sorts of flack, but I believe homosexuality is a disorder we haven't found a cure for yet.

Many people don't have a problem with it. It has been accepted by many as an 'alternate lifestyle', or "it's not my cup of tea, but as long as they don't bother me, who's it hurting?". Or even "If two people love each other, what's the problem?". Well, you may love your cocker spaniel, but that doesn't mean it should get coverage by your insurance company.

Say what you will, but people are made differently for a reason - to continue making more people. There are traditional families for a reason. Because historically, most of them work. Most of them make more families.

Never say never, but it will take more convincing than what's been thrown at me so far to change my mind.


Ryan Jerz said...

What the hell do they think the pope is going to say? Is it also going to piss off people when the pope says to read the catholic bible? Morons, all of them.

curmudgeon said...

Can't please them all.

Lee said...

You should have put the "do you remember" post above this one! It would probably help explain your position.

I am a lapsed Catholic, and the Pope's statement is right in line with the dogma. I don't disagree with homosexuality, because my personal choice is for the girls(one in particular, as is yours), and I think everyone should be able to choose their partner with no harm to anyone else. As to the procreation, we have enough idiots propagating the species without forcing homosexuals into heterosexual relationships to have children if that isn't their choice. The world is overpopulated enough that their inability to procreate naturally means absolutely nothing.

Read the newspapers. With all the violence and misery in the world, who am I, and who are you, to deny or classify as wrong two people getting a little love and comfort in their lives? There's little enough of it in the world without people shooting it down because it offends their sensibilities.

curmudgeon said...

Well, I'm borderline on the age of absolutely not and absolutely fine. A lot of people my age think being a homo is okay. My wife does, a lot of people we know do. But...

"we have enough idiots propagating the species"
"all the violence and misery in the world"

Maybe those are the things the lawmakers should be concentrating on a little more, rather than appeasing the gay, liberal, whale hugging, anti-Christmas, anti-religion and/or P.C. crowd?

Love and comfort, that's fine. Friendship, companionship, best friends and even brothers and sisters. That's all good.
There's nothing wrong with people getting or giving love, friendship, or help to others. Same or different sex.
Hooking up with the same sex is wrong. Some people do it strictly for entertainment, and that is even more wrong, but trying to call it a marriage or even a committed realtionship is just not the way we were made.

I just can't agree with the philosophy that you just fall in love and there's no stopping it. Next thing you know, we'll be seeing the same headlines, with "pre-teens" or "cocker spaniels" being substituted for "gays".

Just how fucking liberal is this country going to get before they pull their head out of their asses and realize that this just ain't nirvana and all the laws we can think up aren't going to make it that way?