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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

This Day in History - WTF?

I had to post this whole thing. I remember it vaguely.
Some people are just amazing.
From HistoryChannel.com:

1975 A nurse steals another woman's unborn baby

Norma Jean Armistead checks herself into Kaiser Hospital in Los Angeles, California, with a newborn that she claims to have given birth to at home. Some staff members were already aware that Armistead, a nurse at the hospital, had a pregnancy listed on her medical charts the previous year, but dismissed it as a mistake because they didn't believe the 44-year-old woman was still capable of getting pregnant.

Examining doctors were even more confused when it appeared that Armistead hadn't actually given birth. The mystery was soon solved when a 28-year-old woman turned up dead in her Van Nuys apartment. The baby she was carrying, and expected to give birth to shortly, had been cut from her body. Doctors quickly pieced the evidence together and Armistead was arrested for murder.

Armistead had planned the strange and horrific crime almost nine months earlier. In October, she managed to sneak into her medical records to create a false report of her pregnancy. Then, in May, she used the hospital's files to find a woman who was due to give birth. Armistead went to the woman's apartment and stabbed her to death before ripping the baby from her womb to pass off as her own.

Armistead, unsuccessfully pleading insanity, was convicted of murder and sent to prison for life.
What a nut!

Then there's this:
1918 U.S. Congress passes Sedition Act

On May 16, 1918, the United States Congress passes the Sedition Act, a piece of legislation designed to protect America’s participation in World War I.

Aimed at socialists, pacifists and other anti-war activists, the Sedition Act imposed harsh penalties on anyone found guilty of making false statements that interfered with the prosecution of the war; insulting or abusing the U.S. government, the flag, the Constitution or the military; agitating against the production of necessary war materials; or advocating, teaching or defending any of these acts. Those who were found guilty of such actions, the act stated, “shall be punished by a fine of not more than $10,000 or imprisonment for not more than twenty years, or both.” This was the same penalty that had been imposed for acts of espionage in the earlier legislation.
I say we need it even more today.


Peggasus said...

You know, sometimes I just don't say anything because I don't want to get into a big argument with you.

1918 sounds a lot like many in power now would want 2006 to be, and, judging from recent events, they are taking steps to do just that.

curmudgeon said...

What!?!? You make me sound so...argumentative!

Agree or disagree, I think some people should be jailed or even shot for some of the treasonous bullshit they've gotten away with under the guise of "Free Speech".

Peggasus said...

Like who, that Cindy Sheehan?

While I do wholeheartedly agree with you that she is a douchebag and idiot of major porportions, for many reasons, I will not and cannot agree with you that she should be censured for her (stupidass) opinions. I believe that she has the right to say what she does, and if we ever have laws like the Sedition Act again that try to deny us those rights, we are headed down a really slippery slope.

So yeah, I guess I would disagree with you on that.

But we're still friends, right? :)

curmudgeon said...

Of course we're still friends. I welcome comments and opinions differing from my own.

I have no problem with people voicing their negative opinion towards the government. Protestors - in the proper setting - have just as much of a right to their opinion as flag wavers at a pro-Bush rally.
Jane Fonda coddling to viet cong? That's another story.
When people protest at a funeral for killed soldier, they should be thrown in jail.
CIA employees getting caught giving classified information to the press during wartime or not should be shot.
When Cindy Shee-wolf started hugging on Hugo Chavez - who is as anti-American as they come, she should have been exiled.

People sqawk about rights as long as it suits their agenda, but pick and choose which rights they support. When it comes to other rights, such as the right to keep and bear arms, that's a different story.