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Monday, May 08, 2006

Anyone But Bush

In the comments of my Yawn post a few days ago, shoes said...

the pendulum always swings back. people will voter democrat again and then when they get pissed they will vote republican. the dems wont control congress this coming election day but when bushs term is up it will be dems controlling the white house and congress

oh and by the way republicans, nothing will change for you and the world wont end
While I dread the day, I do believe it is a given that democrats will take the presidency, if not the house and congress.
The media is too quick to point out faults of Bush and/or the current administration, and sheeple mistakenly trust the media to deliver information truthfully and unbiased, rather than do their own research and form their own opinions. So what we end up with is truckloads of opinionated idiots who really have no clue as to whether there are any good people in the administration, or if it's just some uppity club full of liars, cheats and killers.

I know, there are some idiot republicans as well. It just seems there aren't as many as there are democrats.
Folks point at Bush and say it's all his fault towelheads are trying to kill us, oil prices are so high - as is unemployment, tidal waves and hippies, and that he's basically resposible for every flaw or hardship in America today.
Fine. Someone tell me how he is directly and singly responsible for any of these ills, when the people you have elected (senate, house, governor, mayor, etc.,) are the ones ultimately making the decisions? It's because it's easy to point the finger at the scapegoat rather than yourself.

I don't claim to be a republican just because I don't like democrats or even vice-versa. I don't like politicians to start with. They're all a bunch of fucking liars, stating whatever is necessary to get them into the position and further their career. Trouble is, some of them are just dangerous enough with their selfserving issues that they will take away from us every chance they get, whether it be money, rights, or even plain old privileges. (No smoking. No goose liver. No 'mom' and 'dad' in school.)

But at least I hear fewer idiocies from republicans than I hear from democrats. Take the words of the most recent batch of democrats for instance:
Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein told ABC News if she could have gotten enough votes in the Senate she would have gladly confiscated every firearm from every citizen in America.

Senator John Kerry told CBS News it was American soldiers who were terrorizing Iraq women and children in the dead of night.

Democrat Representative Cynthia McKinney called our president the worlds biggest terrorist.

Democrat Representative John Murtha said we cannot win the war in Iraq and he would not join the military today.

Vice President Al Gore wrote the price of gasoline in America should be $5 a gallon.

Senator Hillary Clinton said she was dead set against illegal immigration, then two weeks later she goes to an illegal immigration rally and tells these people how great and important they are to the country.

Senator Dick Durbin stood on the senate floor and compared our soldiers to Nazis or soldiers of Pol Pot or Stalin.
I'm sorry, but these are not the sort of people I want making decisions for me.


Miss Sassy said...

Yeash, is this the doozy you were refering to?

I think my brains are oozing out my ears from thinking too much.

Please disclaimer anything that isn't a one liner to be sure I get a few warm up mental exercises. This cotton plugging every whole in my head is bad for business.

But thanks for reminding me you have more than one liner thoughts!!!

shoes said...

at the very least you could have given me a mention for the first quote. basically i think you and i preach the same things from different sides of the political spectrum.

i also left the kerry sticker on my car as a badge to show others that i wasnt stupid enough to vote for bush.

curmudgeon said...

Sorry sassy. I sometimes get a little long winded. :)

I can't give credit to everyone who said that. The list would be down the street!