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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Ask The Curmudgeon

In this post, I mention the word "libtard".

I'm sorry, nut I thought everyone knew what a libtard was. Most of you know one - and in fact, you may even be one!

Well, I thought it was self-explanatory, but someone mentioned they didn't know what a libtard was. So in my never ending quest to enlighten, here is the definition:
1. libtard
72 up, 29 down

(Lib-Tard) 1) Combination of the words Liberal and retard (see also: Libterd, libturd, libnerd, libsurd, libdiot, libored) 2) The result when a tree hugger successfully mates with a tree and the offspring is born with an extra chromosome. 3) Any helpless society that must always be liberated by the blood and sweat of others yet are too arrogant and stupid to realize that they owe their entire existance to others.(see also: French-tard, French-Tarded, Retarded-Frenchmen).

1) Hillary clinton and her husband, you know what's his face. You know that libtard that got impeached for going down on that fat chick in the beret that looked like Rosie Odonnel.
2) Look at that tall mongoloid with the vote Kerry T-shirt. Must be one of them libtards.
3) Screw you Frenchie! You freakin' libtard.




Kirsten N. Namskau said...

WHAT!!! Is it possible to mate with a tree!!!!

curmudgeon said...

They're doing amazing things with graphting and gene therapy nowdays!

shoes said...

its similar to a republicant