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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

NBA All Star Game

Yeah, you can take your NBA bullshit and slam-dunk it up your ass until you're elbow deep in your own shit.

I didn't watch it, didn't care to. And I do occasionally like to watch a game on the teeveee. But this shit wasn't no game. It was an excuse for losers to get together to see how much trouble they could cause.

Cops were told that no way were they getting the weekend off. Nope, got to have everyone either on duty or standing by, in case they were needed. And this is why:

Sociology 101: Las Vegas, the NBA and Its All-Star Game
The arrest total during All-Star Weekend has already far, far surpassed the New Years' period's number - and all the returns aren't in yet. Native and visitor alike are used to crowds and nasty traffic conditions during busy weekends; it's part of the landscape, given the burgeoning population, and the traffic capacities of vital motor-vehicle arteries in the vicinity of the Strip. But the market influx of Los Angeles- area NBA groupies and hangers-on for the weekend show brought a distinct gangsta flavor to the weekend environment - and a meaningful number of their local spiritual bretheren were only too happy to join in the festivities.
We haven't even touched on the multiple armed robberies and shootings, at rates far higher than normal. And we're not talking about the folks who happened to be in town for Chinese New Year. Those who out of some exaggerated sense of self did little but gawk, take up space and provoke trouble were not the caliber of individual Vegas would prefer to attract - especially when spending little or no money.
Las Vegas' industry is tourism. But if you only come here to buy overpriced tickets to some fucked up exhibition, and don't plan on spending money anywhere else in town, yet require the taxpayer's to clean up after your shit, then stay the fuck away. We don't need your sorry asses here.

And yeah. On the other side of the coin, what All-Star gig are you talking about? I heard there were some parties last weekend...

You sorry-ass rappers can stay the fuck away too.


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