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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

More Big Brother

Just what we need:
Laying the groundwork for a national database of illegal images

Senator John McCain is expected to introduce a bill that would require ISPs and perhaps some Web sites to alert the government of any illegal images of real or "cartoon" minors. Failure to report these images would result in criminal penalties, including fines of up to $300,000. The proposal is expected to lays the groundwork for a national database of illegal images.
Hmm. Wonder what that will cost us taxpayers?
Will it work? No.
-Where do you draw the line between what is legal and what ain't? A statue of a cherub certainly isn't a statue of an adult. A picture of the statue of the little boy pissing in the fountain - is that another pr0n0graphic image? Naw. Well, maybe of you're that sick you get off on that shit. As for me, naw. I think of it more along the lines of art.

Will it help? No.
-Who is going to actually admit they have illegal images on their site? Yup - no one. They ay just go ahead and remove what they think is naughty, but keep them there as a reference? Naw.

Another stupid waste of money for another idiotic 'feel good' politician looking for votes.

Hey McCain, here's an idea. You represent Arizona, right? How about you start figgering out a way to keep all the fucking illegals from crossing your border and coming up here to NV for me, will ya'?



bfy said...

amen. last thing we need is more government thought police

Scottsdale Girl said...

McCain makes my ears bleed.

Mark said...

You've seen the Arizona state quarter right? It's heads on both sides. The two faces of John McCain.


curmudgeon said...

No doubt.

At least I don't have to listen to him as often as you AZ'ers do.


tl said...

Looks to me that he just wants to have his own file of dirty pictures that only he can look at.


curmudgeon said...

BWAH! Probably so.