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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Valentine's Is Almost Here

Yes, another one of those "Hallmark Hollidays".
You know, the hollidays specially created by companies just to convince us we need their shit. Otherwise, we'll either be ignoring or letting the ones we love down.

I'm not sure what - wait a minute, I take that back. I do know what I'll be getting Mrs. Curmudgeon for V.D. this year. It is definitely something she would like to have and will appreciate very much. But rest assured, it won't be anything as extravagant as some companies feel I should be getting. Especially with its 3000% markup. (No, I am not making that number up.)



rachel said...

What would a woman have to do for that ring in a platinum setting?

Oh wait, I probably don't want to know.

curmudgeon said...

Probably not. ;)