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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I Found Jesus!

Filmmaker shows Jesus "relics"
NEW YORK (Reuters) - "Titanic" director James Cameron presented on Monday what he said was evidence the tomb of Jesus had been uncovered, but some scholars dismissed it as a publicity stunt.
Uh, yeah. How convenient.
The two small caskets were part of 10 found in 1980 during construction in South Jerusalem.
Publicity stunt? Ya think?

Time for a DNA test. Now all he needs to do is find God and get a swab to compare.

All kidding aside, I thought tombs and pyramids and statues and idols and all that sort were built for wealthy rulers or other royal family. Last I knew, Jesus and his ilk were fairly dirt poor. What makes these clowns think they would be privy to such a residence as that?



shoes said...

every good christian knows that jesus rose from his tomb on easter sunday...saw his shadow and announced 6 more weeks of winter

curmudgeon said...


Scottsdale Girl said...

Why isn't he showing up on grilled cheese? Seriously, I love grilled cheese...

curmudgeon said...

Bet they find a toaster oven in there too.