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Friday, February 23, 2007

Fuck Off Friday

It's been a while since I've done a Fuck Off Friday. Sorry. I know you all are feeling slighted. But what can I say. I've been remiss.

Anyway, the news is full of bullshit media whores that I really don't give two - or for that matter, even one shit about.

Take Butch Brit for instance:

She ended up looking like an old familiar face:
Hell. The only reason she did that shit is so she could pass a drug test and keep her kids. Which - I feel sorry for the little brats having to grow up around that fucked-up bitch.
In and out of rehab? How many more times is she going to play that game? I hope her dumb-ass ex gets the kids and she ends up paying him a fortune in alimony and child support.
He's a loser too, but maybe not as big of one as she is.

Then we have the late Ms. Smith:
That coked-up, opportunistic slut was doomed anyway. If she didn't die when she did, it wouldn't have been much longer.

And last but of course, not least, we have the Oscars!:

This is when every phony phukk in Hollywood dresses up in rented jewelry, overpriced clothes, and shit-eating grins and struts their shit down the so called 'red carpet' to receive their bogus award and waste an evening of air time on the teevee.

I hate award shows anyway, won't even be in the same room if they're on. So I defintely ain't going to be wasting my time watching that shit.

So to all of you celeb types out looking for attention, I say:


I don't need your shit. I have a life.



Just D said...

You are my kind of guy baby.


curmudgeon said...

Just D,