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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

That's Entertainment

So, did anyone watch the Sorry Excuse For An Awards Show Video Music Awards? Neither did I.

Nor will I ever. Home don't do that. Homey don't watch award shows. Any of them. Ever. VMA's, Oscars, Tonys, Miss America, you name it, if someone is getting an award, I refuse to be in the same room as the teevee tuned to the show.

Why? Well, I shouldn't have to esplain misself, but they suck. They're bogus, they're phoney, they're plastic, they're all Hollywood types strutting around with the pomp and the circumstance and the glitter and the glitz and the flashbulbs and the fake tits and the well rehearsed smiles and the expensive rented jewelry and the gawdy bullshit, until you forget why the hell they're even there other than to show shit off. But, they have a host, so the host reminds you they are in the running for an award.

Annnnnyway, eM Tee Vee hasn't had any decent programming on it for centuries it seems. Back in the day, when they actually - get ready for it - played music (I know! Can you believe that? They used to play music on "Music Television!") - they were ths shit. I used to spend way too much time watching them years ago. Can't stomach the shit any more though.

So, I didn't watch the awards Sunday night, but I heard the stories. I heard the one about the blond bimbo who likes to seems to emulate Liz Taylor and marry as many people as she possibly can (Good gawd woman. Have you never heard of shacking the fuck up?), calf out a kid or so, then start all over again.
Too bad she didn't spend more time rehearsing.
I hear she can't even do a sing-along without fucking that up.

Then there's the story about how a brotha can't get a break. Yes, seems Kanye West (I gave him an award back here) was all upset when he didn't get a grammy for some of his shit. Shit being the operative word here. Seems he had to go and throw down the race card fo shizzle:
“That’s two years in a row, man … give a black man a chance,”
Dude, maybe it's not 'cause yer black? Maybe it's 'cause you suck?

Oh, and of course, there was the "Clash of the Hepatites". I.e., the battle betwixt Tommy Lee and Kid Crock er, Rock. Sorrrreeeee. What were they fighting over? Don't know. Don't care. That pumped up blond bitch they both had a turn at sure as fuck ain't worth skinning your knuckles over. But nevertheless, fight they did.

Yup. It's all about musical talent, innit?



Wyatt Earp said...

It's because he's black . . . AND because he sucks ass! Heh.

The British Bird. said...

im sick of people whine ing and whinge ing about and blaming their race if they dont get what they want! I dont watch award shows either, but Ms NC was kind of funny, so was the bits and pieces shown of Britney"trailer trash" spears.

What goes around comes around, re the ex.

curmudgeon said...

Definitely sucks ass.
Of course, all rappers suck ass so I don't know how they can even decide one is better than the other to start with.

More and more people are expecting something for nothing it seems now days.

Re ex: Best of luck. It would be nice for the your kids to visit though.