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Friday, September 14, 2007

Fuck Off Friday

WOOHOO!!! Time for another episode of Fuck Off Friday!

This week, we have a major announcement. A marvel of engineering.
The cool thing about it is even though it's not here in the United States, we all own a piece of this building. How's that you say? Because we all drive cars, fly in planes, ride the bus, and heat our homes. Yes, here's where all that $3.00+ per gallon of gas money goes.

The 'regular' people in Dubai are still poor and starving, but the princes build gawdy islands and buildings.

The next time you say Americans should be feeding starving children in and curing AIDS in South Africa instead of sending people to explore space or fight wars, take another look at Dubai. See how they live.

So Dubai, I say to you and your glitz,


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