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Friday, March 14, 2008

Yeah Sure...

She's doable, but $4000 per hour? I think not.

Yup, in case you haven't already seen her, that's the high-dollar hooker that Governor Spitzer ruined his life over.



Mark said...

You get what you pay for. Seriously, have you ever seen a $20 hooker? Yuck.


curmudgeon said...

Oh yeah. And I've also seen the 'talent' at the Pahrump brothel, which will definitely set you back more than $20.

No thanks. I'll grab a jar of Vaseline and a couple Kleenex before I pay those those skanky broads anything. Not to mention run up a $4000 tab.

Mark said...

I can only imagine the talent they have at the Cherry Patch. Gawd, I drove by there once. It's was a double-wide trailer with one red porch light.


curmudgeon said...

There was a write-up in the local rag about a "reality" series some cable station was doing about brothels and why wimmen end up there. I forget which one it was.
Anyway, they had pictures of the wimmen in the paper. Of the seven they showed, none were what most people would consider trim, cute, or young.

I got a "Hey, watch it now" from Mrs Curmudgeon when I said "Who's going to go pay money to fuck a 47 year-old?".
On top of that, she looked to weigh in at around 225 pounds. Which, I wouldn't think to be a big selling point.

Miss Sassy said...

Had a great convo with a girlfriend over lunch about a tangent of this topic. I might blow a lid in your inbox later. Consider this fair warning ;)

NWJR said...

I just tapped her for free.

Well...in a virtual sense.

Pooke said...

You didn't get the memo, Dave. She's got four tits (two on the back you can't see in the photo), two twats and a bionic tounge. At least that's what would make any whore worth 4,000/hour, unless she could actually take down a gobernor, which would make her worth even more. Let's make a celebrity of her! Yay!

ASM826 said...

It isn't looks that makes it so expensive. It's what she's willing to do. He wanted something, whatever it was, and when that comes out, that will be the real punchline to this story.

The Stormin Mormon said...

Ya know, if she were the friend of a friend, I'd make a run at her. (If she didn't have the whole "whore job".)

curmudgeon said...

Have at it! You know I like to hear from you!

And look at all that money you saved. ;)

Yup. She's on her way to celebretiy staus fer sher.

No doubt. Makes one curious.
Love yer profile pic.

Indeed. Like I said, she is doable.