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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

From The "No Shit" Files

Traffic deaths fall as gas prices climb
Tue Jul 22, 5:10 PM ET

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Rising prices at the gas pump appear to be having at least one positive effect: Traffic deaths around the country are plummeting, just as they did during the Arab oil embargo three decades ago.
Well, duh. Less cars on the road means less people driving like fucking morons and bumping into each other. It must have taken a fucking rocket surgeon to figger that one out!

Hey! I know! Let's lower the speed limit to 55 again! That will fix everything!



country roads said...

I heard that dumb shit yesterday. They need a statistic on homicidal rages at the gas stations. I bet those jumped the whopping 9% that the traffic deaths "plummeted." 9%... jesus.

Anonymous said...

You say that in jest, but there's an article on CNN today entitled "Why we must keep gas prices above $4.00". Doubtless written by a denizen of a Washington D.C. townhouse who would walk to work if he had a job.

Mark said...

Also from CNN: "On the product side, demand is bad," said Phil Flynn, a senior market analyst at Alaron Trading. "In terms of gasoline supplies, we have to find someone around here who wants to drive a car, because we don't have a place to put it all."

Where's my violin?

curmudgeon said...

I read a dumbass in the paper yesterday who said that since gas prices were already at or above $4, extra crude in the market wouldn't help lower prices. They would stay the same, it would just give oil barons would have more pocket money.

It's easy for big city easterners to try and lower the speed limit since they never go faster than 55 themselves. But people who travel highways on a regular basis out here in the sticks, it makes a big difference to drive 8 hours instead of 5 to go 400 miles.