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Monday, April 11, 2005

Fuck Tiger Woods

Here's my obligitory 'Masters' post.

I like golf - I like to play it and I like to watch it. You get some superstars together for a big tournament like the Masters, and it's a weekend well spent. This provided you get to take advantage of it instead of doing maintenance or improvements on the domicile.

But for chrissakes. Tiger isn't the only player in that tournament. There are a whole truckload of other excellent players who we never get to see slap a ball, because all the cameras seem to be pointed at Tiger.
He's a great golfer, I wouldn't dare take that away, but he's also one lucky sumbitch. Fate, or the 'Golf Gods' were in his corner yesterday. That's all there is to it.

This is my dream: To see wider coverage of the rest of the Masters playing in The Masters.

Allah be praised.


Patrick said...

I disagree.

Sure, Tiger isn't the only player in the tournament; But it really came down to a two-man showdown yesterday between Tiger and Chris. While the TV station obviously scores huge rating by showing more of Tiger, it made logical sense to me that that was the main focus at that kind of stage.

Until the day when someone can routinely dominate the golf world the way Tiger has done, I have no problem seeing more coverage of Tiger.

Afterall, Michael Jordan has done the same thing for the NBA, and so has the Yankees for baseball. If you want to go even further, why not ask NBC to show all of the Olympic events rather than only those in which the US is good at.

Anonymous said...

Vadon Trophy winner and 2004 PGA Player of the Year Vijay Singh is simply not black enough.

curmudgeon said...

At the point where it was a showdown, or even started becoming close, that's what I would expect. However, prior to that point in this and every other tournament Tiger has been in, the media has had him as the focal point. I'm only asking for broader coverage.
I would also like to see this exclusive coverage bullshit go away. You're right. There are many athletes deserving attention in other sports, in other countries. Why not split up the coverage to other stations?
It would be great, but it ain't going to happen. The networks decide what we watch.

I'm guessing Vijay is too old. No one wants to watch some old fart stagger around the course nowdays, do they?
Uh, that would be a yes. At least from me.

Patrick said...

I totally agree. I wish there would be more split coverage of sport events in the US.

I think it all boils down to the ratings. Hell, if I was the show producer, I would focus on the subject or person that I can get the biggest bank for the buck. In every sport there is always one or two main figure that represent the sport. They all carry a unique charisma and charateristic that draw viewers to them. I guess that goes to prove why the NBA ratings were way down when the Spurs were in the finals and the ratings were way up when the Lakers were in it.

My two cents.