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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Something I KNow You've Always Wondered

How to cook an alien

Removing the skin is best performed after the creature is dead, or at least unconscious. There is a distinct lack of body hair in all 3 major breeds of alien, so there is no reason to scrub or score the skin.

Removing the skin is normally done to provide a leather utility or accessory. However, as we are concentrating on aliens as food, I shall not discuss this, and instead I suggest that you employ one of the web search engines on tanning, or indeed on alien leather accessories.

Steps to remove the skin, include a soaking in warm water to loosen the skin, making it easy to peel. However, in an emergency, an incision from the abdomen upwards to the sternum will provide a flap of skin, which then with liberal pulling, should allow you to peel the skin from your alien, rather like a "leatherjacket" (a fish, where the skin is removed by pulling, leaving the rich flesh, and the tail.

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Peggasus said...

Yeah, yeah, sounds like' Dr. 90210.'