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Friday, June 09, 2006

Oh, I'm Just Giddy

KISS Rocks On With New Fragrance and Coffeehouse:

Fashion Wire Daily - Thu Jun 8, 4:24 PM ET Sent 493 times

Fashion Wire Daily - New York - Ever wonder what Gene Simmons' sweat smells like? Us, neither. But all those diehard KISS fans out there - you know who you are - may soon get a chance to sample the sweet smell of rock excess when KISS releases their first-ever his-and-hers fragrance line this October.
I can hardly wait.


Just D said...

If you are going to wait in line anyway (in breathless anticipation, I'm sure), can you pick me up a sample? I've always wondered what rock star sweat smells like.

Okay, not really.

curmudgeon said...

IF I gave a shit about KISS (I really don't like them), and IF Gene Simmons were to bring me a bottle personally, and IF he were present it to me on his hands and knees, I MAY then accept it.

But I should probably not get my hopes up. :)

rachel said...

I'm stuck on the "his and hers" part. Is the "hers" fragrance the eau de groupie?

curmudgeon said...

Ugh. No telling.