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Friday, June 16, 2006


Mexican border towns fear U.S. crackdown:

NOGALES, Mexico - Patricia Lopez's journey toward a better life in the United States ended with a nighttime robbery, a twisted ankle and a Border Patrol escort to the frontier — where she was dumped at dawn without a peso in her pocket, 1,575 miles from home.
She's far from alone: Nearly 1 million people, many of them penniless, were turned back across the border last year, and analysts fear that tougher new U.S. border enforcement will inundate border towns with the desperate and the destitute.

Migrant shelter directors are scrambling for funds and considering hiring more staff to keep their doors open 24 hours a day in anticipation of a record number of migrants being repatriated.
So uh, what's the deal here - am I supposed to feel sorry for these people? Don't count on it.
If the borter patrol would have shot them instead of just picking them up, their worries would have been over.

Bleeding heart liberal media. What a bunch of assholes.


Anonymous said...

Won't you please think of the children?

Hillary's Thong said...

Yeah, they do make smaller targets.

mfsteve said...

As I recall they're worth double point too.