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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

This Is A Hoot!

Some fucked up idiot left a comment in this post. Which - if you don't care to read it - was the one about the end of the world coming on '06/06/06'.

If you've a mind, go over and read some rantings of a raving lunatic.

You'll have to scroll down past the introduction before the real meat starts. Be warned, it is a veeeeeeerrrrrrrryyyyy long post. I read a few 'graphs before I had to stop because my eyes were watering, my tummy was hurting, and coffee was running down the monitor and keyboard.

Whatta maroon.


Jean said...

holyshit (literally)......I could not finish this.....but he is in need of some SERIOUS medication and CONFINEMENT!

Pooke said...

I wonder if he's available for motivational seminars.

curmudgeon said...

He just needs to die.