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Friday, June 16, 2006

Oh, You're A Hoot

Cleric calls on Bush to convert to Islam:

Militant cleric Abu Bakar Bashir also called on Bush and Prime Minister John Howard to convert to Islam, saying it was 'the only way to save their souls.'

Bashir, who has never been linked to the preparation or commission of terrorist attacks, was asked Thursday about families still suffering from the Bali blasts.

He said the attacks "were God's will" and that survivors should "convert to Islam" if they wanted to ease their suffering.

He had the same message for Bush and Howard.

Bashir called Bush an "infidel," and said he was happy the American people were starting to realize their president had made a mistake when he decided to wage war on Muslims. He did not elaborate, but was apparently referring to sliding opinion polls.

Funny guy.

See, that is the sort of people we are dealing with. People who believe in killing anyone who doesn't have the same beliefs as they do. 'I'm right and everyone else is wrong." Religion of peace, my ass.

Bush haters couldn't make them happier. Thinking that by just leaving Iraq, we will have no more trouble from Islamocrazies.
I have a little insight for you. Bali ain't all that close to the middle east. This shit can happen anywhere on the planet. And the more we stop it now, the less we'll have to try and stop it later.


shoes said...

lets remember its not just the crazy followers of islam that hold the copyrights on this....

1. christians who shoot abortion doctors

2. christian government officials that want to tell us what to watch on tv or listen to on the radio

3. christians who think god sent something bad to happen (ie: a plane, a hurricane...etc) because of our godlessness.

3. christians who picket soldiers funerals

4. christians that badmouth grieving widows

well i think you get my drift. organized religion is the biggest obstacle to peacce in the world

curmudgeon said...

Agreed. There has been many a war started because of religion.
But at this point in time, it is crazy islams that are the biggest threat around the world. Crazy christians and liberals are our biggest threat here at home.