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Friday, June 16, 2006

Thought Of The Day

Yeah, this is too long for a Quote of the Day, so I guess it's a Thought of the Day instead. Nevertheless, I'm all for it.

From On the Patio:
Wives, girlfriends, ex-wives, ex-girlfriends...On Father's Day this year, give your man/ex-man, what he really wants! Give him a blow-job! Don't make him take you to dinner first! Don't make him wait until your goddam nails are dry! Blow the man now! It's his fucking day! YOU got your candy, diamonds, flowers, dinner, etc., on your day! Just take 10 minutes and and give a gift he will remember way longer than that fucking pair of cufflinks he'll never use. Don't give him what you want him to have...for gawds-sake...give him what he wants!
And your guy doesn't necessarily have to be a father. (That you know of.) Just do it for him anyway.


rachel said...

Well, it is cheaper than this or this

Maeve said...

That is what the hub is getting. A german chocolate cake (usually it's carrot cake) and a big beefy blow job. It's all he ever wants.
Fine by me.

Pooke said...

You mean I'm only supposed to do that on Father's Day?

curmudgeon said...

Yes! Look at all the money you'll save!

We love the simple things in life. :)
What a good wife you are.

No, ESPECIALLY on father's day. Twice even.