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Friday, June 23, 2006

Take Me Back. Clear My Head

Last week, I posted a sorry-ass video of Diamond Dave on Leno. Please, if you haven't seen it - and you are even the slightest of Van Halen fan - for your own good, DON'T watch it.

If you must, or if you already did and wish to clear your head, watch this one next.


Pooke said...

Oh, thank you Dave. I'll bring him to the Jersey shore with me this year. God, I feel even older than the last post! Jump was later than his best.... Diver Down had the very best intro ever imho. Loved I & II, hated Hagar & Gary Cherone was phenomenol with Extreme, but sucked with the VH boyz.

Alls well that ends well (now I sound like a friggin Little Rascal)

curmudgeon said...

Yes, 1984 wan't their best, but I just wanted to show how that particular song SHOULD be played.

I agree. I and II - and also Women and Children First - were the best. But I liked Sammy too. It wasn't the same VH, but it was still good VH. After all, Eddie was still there.
The shit with Cherone was just that.