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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Okay, It's Your Turn Now

So you fucked up democrats were bitching up a storm last year around this time. As I recall, there was a ton of squawking at Bush and his oil prices - which were pushing $3 per gallon.

Well, y'all were bragging about all the changes needed and how you were going to make them, then you dun won the elections and took the majority. But yet, gas prices are waaaaaaaayyyyyy higher than last year so far and are still going up. And if the trend holds, they are going to go up even more when school gets out and people start vacationing for the summer.

So I have a question: What the fuck?



Scottsdale Girl said...

What the fuckityfuck indeed.

$3.15 for regular unleaded here in the A to the Z.

curmudgeon said...

What a bargain. It's around $3.25 here.

shoes said...

do like i do....blame bush

The Stormin Mormon said...

$3.68, but I have to buy 92 octane (the good juice).

It's the simple fact that the people campaigning blamed conservatives and the war for fuel prices, when in fact that was a crock of shit.

Profit is the reason for higher fuel prices.

curmudgeon said...

I would, but that's getting old.

Long time no see though!

I usually buy mid-grade and pay more than the $3.25 too. That's how much regular costs though.