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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It's Floodin' Down In Texas

Floods, heatwaves send signal about global warming's impact: UN

AFP - Wed Jun 27, 7:28 AM ET Avg. Rating: 5.0

GENEVA (AFP) - Recent floods in Asia and Britain, and heatwaves in southern Europe, show the world must be better prepared to cope with the impact of climate change, the United Nation's top disaster prevention official said Wednesday.
First of all, the UN? Yeah, like we can trust anything those numb-nuts have to say.

But what we really need to do here is bring back human sacrifice. It worked for the ancients, didn't it? The Aztecs, Incas, Mayans?

During the summer months the days were long, the sun was warm, the crops grew and the people prospered. Then the elders starting noticing the days were getting shorter, the temperatures were getting lower, the crops quit growing and fears of never ending nights were looming in the hearts of the people.
So what did they do to fix it? Why, they removed the still beating hearts of their captured enemies and offered them up to Sol. Lo, and behold, a few months later, the days started getting longer, the days warmer, the crops growing again.

Now I realize we can't go around killing lesser people in this day and age. But let's make a comparison here:
Those ancient tribal elders and chiefs are not all that unlike the doomsdayers of today. Create the dilemma, then whence the masses are sucked into believing there really is a crisis, present them with the solution. And usually, the solution comes from the very same people who created the crisis in the first place! Advertisers of disposable or "quick 'n easy" products come to mind. Create the demand.
Why? Because it serves their purpose. Whether it be monetary or intangible, they end up gleaning the benefit from it.

So it was with the energy crisis of the '70s, so it is today. We're ruining the planet, we're running out of fossil fuel, we're all gonna die!
The answer to our problem lies in developing new energy sources. Ethanol, solar, wind, blah blah blah. Oddly enough though, the people most interested in these technologies also stand to benefit the most financially because they invested so heartily in these enterprises.

So do what you will, think what you may. I'll not argue that the planet is getting warmer, at least for the last century or so - as far back as we may actually have valid records of measurements. But nature is uncontrollable save for a little cloud seeding here and there and maybe a little crop rotation. So for us to think that us mere mortals can change the earth's natural cycle is pretty fucking arrogant as far as I'm concerned.



SK said...

Back in the 70's they were talking shit about "the coming ice age". THAT was really scarey, because nothing would grow and we could all starve. Now we have new dems, who preach that we're all gonna be deep fried. I guess Jimmah Carter doesn't remember the crap he spewed back then.

curmudgeon said...

Yeah, how soon they forget.

Deb said...

Can we start a list of the first sacrificial "volunteers"?

curmudgeon said...