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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What A Sleighload Of Horse Shit

Va. School's No-Contact Rule Is a Touchy Subject

By Maria Glod
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, June 18, 2007; B01

Fairfax County middle school student Hal Beaulieu hopped up from his lunch table one day a few months ago, sat next to his girlfriend and slipped his arm around her shoulder. That landed him a trip to the school office.

Among his crimes: hugging.

All touching -- not only fighting or inappropriate touching -- is against the rules at Kilmer Middle School in Vienna. Hand-holding, handshakes and high-fives? Banned. The rule has been conveyed to students this way: "NO PHYSICAL CONTACT!!!!!"
What, THEE, Fuck?!?! Are these people for real? I may be an old fart, but back in my day...

C'mon now, you should know me better than that. I'm not going to pull that shit.

Suffice it to say though that this overprotective, P.C., "Everyone's a winner" bullshit is getting waaaaay out of hand.

What's a school without sneaking a little hand holding in the bleachers during the ball game?
Or what sort of 'guy' stuff is supposed to happen if teammates can't do a "high-five" after a nice shot or a T.D.?
Not to mention, "knuckles" - you know, try to smack the other guy's knuckles with your own before he can pull his had away?

That shit is all banned at this moron school.

Maybe those dumb fucks should talk to "Michael Jackson's Personal Bubble Supplier to the Stars" and see if they can get an enclosure for each student. Physically bar them from even accidently bumping into each other. Gawd forbid Billy's elbow accidentally touches Sally's tit walking down the hallway. Or little Johnny were to spontaneously slap Bart on the back for telling a funny joke.


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