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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Dads And Grads. Dads And Grads. Dads And Grads.

Fuck you and your 'Dads And Grads'! I'm getting fucking sick of hearing 'Dads And Grads'.

[parrot voice]
'Dads And Grads'. 'Dads And Grads'.
[/parrot voice]


Look. You should have a "Dad's" day. Great idea. To most people, fathers are worth respecting and honoring.
You should also be proud and celebrate the fact your child graduated high school, college, whateverthefuck. Just don't lump them together for the sake of a ridiculous rhyme which you think is cute, in trying to lure suckers to purchasing your wares.
You will definitely turn me off to your shit.


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