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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Snap Shots

I just installed Snap Shots.

When you hover on a link, it opens a preview in a smaller window. Click on the "+" in the upper right-hand corner to make it a bit bigger, or click on the window to go to the link. You can even disable them if you want.

Let me know if you get sick of seeing them though, and I'll trahs the whole works.



Lee said...

SNAP is the most annoying plug in ever made for blogs.

That is all.


curmudgeon said...

I dunno. I sorta like it. I guess I'll guess we'll see.

So yours would be a 'Nay' vote?

Pooke said...

It's like a pop-up ad, but with worse content. I vote thummbs down.

Lee said...

Nay, and now I'll give you the reason.

Everytime you happen to pass over a link, even on your way to something else, the pop up script starts running, and for those(not me) with a slow connection, it ties up bandwidth, and for me, causes the endless "click" sound of a link opening up. Besides, you can "show/hide" your stuff, and I really don't need a "snap" preview of your comments page.

If it could be set up to only "snap" off site links, it might be useful, but as is the annoyances far outweigh any possible use.

My 2 cents.


curmudgeon said...

I'm sort of swaying toward that thinking too. If it was a little more customizable, like you said, off-site links, it would be better.

I'll probably get rid of it.

linda said...

I've found on other blogs that have had them for some time, they get in the way and it takes twice as long to get to the site you want! I thought they were cute when I first saw them, but now I kinda hate them! Sorry.

curmudgeon said...

I saw it for the first time yesterday, and it popped up an RSS feed. I like that feature.

It is set to only allow external links but it thinks comments are an external link. I don't like that.

Strike one.

There is no way to specify what links you want it to use or I would definitely do that.

Strike two.

Y'all - my faithful readers - don't like them.

Strike three.

On top of that, I know how bad I hate popups personally, and these are turning out to be the same scenario. I can't configure them the way I want, so away they go.

Thanks for the input!