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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Why You Wanna Keep A Brother Down

Memphis mayor blasts sex allegations

By WOODY BAIRD, Associated Press Writer Mon Jun 25, 3:15 PM ET

MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Mayor Willie Herenton stepped before television cameras to announce he had made a startling discovery: Rich, white businessmen were plotting to derail his re-election by videotaping him having sex with a strip club waitress.
Evil people trying to thwart his bid for re-election? How crude. How mean. How underhanded.

Uh, Mr. Mayor - you didn't have to fuck the waitress you know. You could have been a bit less of a slut. You're in the public eye. Rather than chasing wimmen half your age around, you could be more concerned with your image.



Deb said...

But that wouldn't be nearly as fun. Better to attack the people who busted his stupidity and call them racist.

curmudgeon said...

That's what usually happens, innit?