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Thursday, June 14, 2007

This Day In History

From the History Channel:

On June 14:

1951: The predecessor to Al Gore's internet was invented. Yeah, some overblown adding machine named UNIVAC was fired up by the Census Bureau.

1946: One of the discoverers of the "bad combover" by the name of Donald Trump comes kicking and screaming out of his mama's belly, only to continue the same practice well into his 60's.

1985: Psychotic camel-fuckers prone to wearing towels on their heads take over TWA flight 847.
Mel Gibson fans? Must be. They didn't like Jews either.

And speaking of hijacking, in 1789, the thrice mutinied Captain Bligh sets sail in a 23 foot open boat with 18 of his crewmen. Not his first choice.
7 weeks and almost 4,000 miles later, he gets out, stretches his legs, pops his knuckles, and tries the same trip again. With a different crew this time.


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